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And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.​ - Habakkuk 2:2


Demystifying The Angelic Realm

An innumerable company of angels are available to us sons of God. We have been translated into the Kingdom of Light. The word 'translated' means a change of governmental position and location of a Spirit being - implying that as much as our body is locally in this earth realm, our spirit man is in Heavenly places, where there are myriads of angels in joyous celebration - as we are indeed seated in these places, angels constantly minister to us and we to them. A divine exchange of The Lightnings of God, between men and angels, but the plight of the Angels kicks in- Ministering to souls of men who are oblivious of their roles and functions - The Blood of Jesus was enough to bring a vast interaction between men and angels. Mount Zion, your current location has High Light Being Angelic Canopies waiting for your interaction. Angels are at your service.

YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE 'angelic files' - hard copy, on Amazon.  The e-books are available on Amazon.
For those who have already purchased, kindly give us some time to receive our first shipment of the book.
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BOTH FORMATS available on Amazon


Available on Amazon


Available on Amazon

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