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By S. Elizabeth Gomes




My Beloved Flame, Jealous Jealousy, You have drawn me deep within the depthless ecstasies of Your heart.

You have come into the garden of Your delight,

the garden of my heart in union with the garden of Your heart ...

ANCHORED, I in You and You in with You.


O Living Fire, ignite the wooded places!

Let the ashes of I will be snatched away by “Your will” Wind.

Holy Wind! Blow like a hurricane and  let the violence of Your unstoppable, inescapable love  -

Fire consume me as You are .... the Consuming Fire. 

Weak though I am, You call me lovely!                       

Your furious tempest of love has gathered me

within its arms and will …  not .. let … me … go! 


I see Your heart; I hear it's rhythm … its sound has made me mad with ecstasy … I am beside myself as I see, and am drawn into You … no more words,

nor time, nor me, … as I am transported into

divine delights … swiftly in a moment - yet in stillness and quiet.  One unrivalled, in beauty and majesty; incomparable in kindness !


Ahhhh ... One, only One …You ...  Yeshua! One thing I have desired of YHVH and that I will seek after: that I may dwell, remain, abide, live, in the house of YHVH (O glorious Wonder! I am Your house … the secret place … Your garden, Your sanctuary!), all the days of my life … eternally  ... to behold, to gaze, upon Your beauty oh Yahweh and to inquire, meditate … hear Your heartbeat, within Your temple, (I am Your temple sweet, precious Holy Spirit). 


~ S. Elizabeth Gomes ~ January 20th 2016


S.Elizabeth Gomes

September 2016

Sitting endlessly in You ...  there is no hurry in Love's gaze ... no hurry ...


Time cease to exist ... as our hearts beat as one ...


I in You and You in me.

Tears of ecstasy flow I sit and gaze, enraptured in a beauty too wondrous to express - in silent awe,


I gaze, sitting eternally wrapped within Your heart.

Oh my Heart, my Love, my King, my Yeshua! Such love is too exquisite!

... unbearably sweet, gentle and powerful, furious, wild and strong, tender and  kind ... You are my reality.


All else fades ... I am aware, yet unaware ... as my feet comes alive with the reality of another world.


My entire being pulsates with love's embrace.

Here I sit in Eternity's heart.

Meditations in...

PSALM 32:3

S. Elizabeth Gomes



I experience ecstatic bliss when the Lord has removed my iniquity ... the more the impurities (being sanctified) have been removed, the more Light floods my soul. When the motives and intentions of my heart  have been cleansed, the liquid fire of His love has free flow. 


I cannot keep silent.  I cannot let my voice print be quieted in the Mobile Court of the righteous Judge of all the earth.  I cannot hide or my very bones - within the marrow of my intents, where the sound of my earthly DNA speaks, where the accuser points out the spots and blemishes - will waste me away in hopelessness and depression.  


Day and night Your love will not let me go as the place where I am carved in the palm of your hands weighs heavily upon me. 


The rivers within me searched for banks to overflow but I felt like a wasteland; a wilderness. My mouth, my very soul felt as though drought had overtaken me.  But Your loving kindness would not let me go as You relentlessly pursued me to talk with You; to bare my heart to You; to tell You how I felt; to tell You about my struggles. "Do not hide the depths of Your heart but come - cast Yourself upon My great grace and My infinite mercy.  


I will not hide. I will not withdraw.  You did not hide Your love from me but You publicly displayed it upon the cross- upon a tree that all may see - all may behold unrivalled love - unrivalled redemption- unrivalled mercy- unrivalled grace- unrivalled humility. 


Although all authority is Yours - for without You was not anything made that was made - yet You chose to surrender Yourself so that Love Himself can pour Himself out - publicly - for all creation to behold - ALL CREATION - in all the realms/worlds/multiverses. You could have called 10,000 angels.  Meekness personified!


And so I speak and I let my sound resound to the very depths of Your heart, wrapping my longing and desire around Your heart.  I will search out its tributaries! I cannot let You go as You do not let me go.  For Your grace has allowed me to tell all without reservation and instantly, even before I was able to tell all, by my acknowledging the hidden things of my heart, by my laying all bare before You - “shhhh, you are forgiven”.  I willingly plead guilty to what Your love and light had uncovered.  


I dwell in Mount Zion where there are no spots nor blemishes. Nothing is hidden here. Where can I hide from Your beautiful eyes? You are I AM. If I try to hide my sin I am not allowing truth to have its perfect way for Your light cannot lie.  I am not afraid to be unveiled before the light of Your love.  I trust You completely and I yield to You so that You can do only what You alone can do.  And so I surrender allowing Your blazing love can have its perfect way in me. 

I acknowledge, surrender and yield to great grace.


August 18th 2018

S. Elizabeth Gomes


What would it cost to fully engage within the reality of our Homeland? What are we willing do in order to become the full habitation of Heaven? What are willing to lay down so that the joy that was set before Him may be fulfilled in all the realms?


Nothing less than everything.  Everything looks like one possessed. Everything looks like one obsessed. Everything looks like one consumed. Everything looks like one within whom an unquenchable fire rages.  


It’s looks like an unbroken communion. It looks like union.  If we would truly lose our lives for Him we will find a life that looks like the Son of YHVH. We will find the mind blowing, wave after wave after wave of the infinite revealing of the ONE.  We will find the truth of LOVE.  


It’s nothing less than my life.  My life? I dare to consider it my own? From the day I knelt at the foot of the cross and kissed the sacred, pierced feet of my Redeemer, the Living Word became encoded within my heart “You are not your own. You were bought with a price”


Once I was a slave to sin but that day I became a slave to true Love. Yes the enemy tries to counterfeit that by causing us to be entangled with “lesser lovers” it’s called idolatry.  But Jesus said “IF ANYONE COMES TO ME AND DOES NOT HATE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND WIFE AND CHILDREN AND BROTHERS AND SISTERS - YES, EVEN HIS OWN LIFE - HE CANNOT BE MY DISCIPLE. AND WHOEVER DOES NOT CARRY HIS CROSS AND FOLLOW ME CANNOT BE MY DISCIPLE” 


Now before we get all tied up in a knot.  Do we really think that the one who said “love your enemies and honour your parents” is telling us to “hate?”  


When a soldier leaves his home to become enlisted in the army to fight for His country he has literally signed a paper of his death.  By him walking away from everything it looks like hate as he swears allegiance to his country.  In this place he become a new man.  He is given a new name (number), a different set of clothing. His life is literally not his own. It belongs to his country. 


This is still a weak analogy of the power of turning my life over to Jesus - relinquishing control and abdicating the throne of my heart to Him. 


There is a sound that has been released and those who can hear it is becoming possessed by the consuming desire to know Him.  The sound of the voice of the Son is stirring the waters within and without.  The waters are vibrating under the power of LET THERE BE LIGHT!   Truth has been unfolding, flung across the heavens like an unending scroll.  This is my beloved Son! Hear Him!  That command resounded in all  the realms as all creation united with the VOICE -  SONS be manifested! 

When the VOICE FILLS US, everything within us will be shaken to its core.  Once again, the Voice will evict  “illegal tradings” from His holy temple.   Once again the LIVING WORD with declare unflinchingly “MY FATHER’S HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER” 


YHVH house is a place of ceaseless dialogue. His house hums with the sound of His eternal Voice.  It’s union.  It’s I in Him and Him in me. 


But what would it take?  Jesus could have said so many other words in Gethsemane. But this is what He said.  “NOT MY WILL BUT YOUR WILL BE DONE” 


This is the crux of it all.  Someone said that we ask God to know His will for our lives usually because we want to be in control of our life and our future. But the Son of God laid down His will.  He relinquished control.  Control and responsibility are two different things. Be it unto me according to Your desire.   


He is a REWARDER of those who diligently seek Him.  And that is what it is exactly.  Not seeking other things but seeking HIM. We will be “rewarded with HIMSELF” He is the mystic secret to all things.  He is the pleasurable secret hidden in the Father.  He said “I and my Father are one and the same”. This seeking is an eternal pursuit but it’s carried upon the wings of Rest.  He himself is that Rest.  


I know that there are a “few” who are “off their” rockers enough; who truly believe, who will hold nothing back, who are possessed enough, who are obsessed enough, who are weak and foolish enough, who are single hearted enough - who are willing enough - who know that they know that they know - it’s all or nothing - loving not their lives even unto death.  


Can’t you see? Can’t we see? We are a holy nation, a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, a chosen people (YHVH’s precious possession - yes! Possession! That we may show/declare the praises/excellencies of Him Who has called you out of darkness into His marvellous LIGHT!”  That we may walk in the light as He is in the Light of which He Is - that we may have “fellowship” with one another “in the light” and the blood of Jesus HIS SON cleanses from all sin!


Why then do we return to the beggarly elements of this world? Why then do we live as though He did not translate us from a realm in  darkness, by His very own hand?


There is something to be said of a life that is given over to YHVH. 


.”...These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off were assured of them, embraced them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. For those who say such things declare plainly that they seek a homeland. And truly if they had called to mind that country from which they had come out, they would have had opportunity to return. (Even the memory from the dark country they refuse to hold in their memory) 

But now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them.”


These were beyond radical.  They are those whom the world would call fanatics. They talk of a country that the world had no clue of.  “No, we do not belong here.  We are from another kingdom.  Our kingdom is not of this world” 


Are we willing to allow ourselves to become so possessed that living waters gushes out of us? And we cannot have preconceived notions of what that should look like. It may not look like what we think it should be. Our focus - our gaze should be entwined and locked within the burning flames of His eyes and just BE ...BECOME...


Where are those who would love not their lives even unto death?

His Voice

August 2018

S. Elizabeth Gomes

The sound of His voice is rocking the worlds within me. 


All creation within my realms are responding to His sound.  His whisper thunders like many waterfalls, running through the tributaries of my heart. 


The waterways of my veins has seen the Light - the true Light of Heaven - and remembers its true DNA.  It’s the blood of YHVH - the Light.  His son YESHUA is His very blood - the Light substance of who He is. 


It speaks and my internal worlds shakes in remembrance of Creator. His voice resounds throughout His temple.  The sound of the light scans the walls of the sanctuary.  The KING has decreed and declared.  


This is my Father’s house.   

Thoughts ...






To walk in the depths of childlike humility would require walking in the depths of the fellowship of His suffering.  


For the servant is not greater than his master.  Are we willing to say yes to walk in the sacredness of friendship with our Lord? It is not a path that is broad. It's a very narrow path, extremely narrow - that's why there are few who finds it.  


Our Father is no respect of persons. He looks at the heart - its motives and intents. It's the Angelos* of this world who moves His heart.  The heart of absolute selflessness and obedience. It's the hearts that are truly willing to lay their lives down for another. This entire world eats from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and they have made the rules about how we should love; who should get the notoriety etc.  The wisdom of this world is devilish and sensual, James 3:15  


How can we feed off of the wisdom of this world when they feast from another tree.  We are in this world but we are not of it. Therefore, we should not eat of it.  


I was thinking that if we truly begin to walk in the realms of "preferring one another" what would it look like ?  It would truly 'unself' the reptilian "I wills" inside of us.  


Do you know that our Father's thoughts  for us are always good? He was, is and is ever framing us within the vibrational sound of the living Word which pulsates with the power of His love and kindness. What house are you framing for me as you hold me in your heart? 


Rest is not necessarily the absence of external activity. It's a posture of the heart. It's a singular, focused alignment with the heartbeat of YHVH. When we have become entwined within the cords, chords, veins, waterways, roots and the dimensions of His heart, we are entering into 'unselfing' and into the realms and realities of His rest.   We have entered into the seaming flow of union of  His sound - His voice - within the ONE Who is THE WAY - THE PATH...   

S. ElizabethGomes

2nd May, 2017

*From Final Quest by Rick Joyner

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