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This book is HEAVY with God-wisdom. It is not speculation, it is not human reason. It is clearly birthed from encounter. I admit it took me a few months to finish and review it, not because it was hard to read, but because it was heavy enough that I couldn't read a ton of it at a time. Many amazing things in this book, much God-wisdom, and like the very best of the seer type books out there, it ultimately focuses on Jesus as the real gift. I once heard a prominent son of YHVH say that God must always be our focus, but we should also want to know about His world because it tells us about HIM. Michael's book is like that - it never treats the angelic realm as a fun, shiny toy to be distracted by, but rather continues to point again and again to the real gift, Jesus.

~ Kristen Park

In his book, ANGELIC FILES author Michael Aviel defines and reveals the angelic realm from personal experience with these heavenly ministers. With great honour due our Lord Jesus, this unraveling and unveiling of ANGELS is the greatest revelation I’ve received on the matter.


It’s a JOY to read and a WONDER to grab hold of and move forward in our journey with GOD. Proverbs 25:2 AVS says “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing; But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.” GOD has shared mysteries of angels with Michael who in turn in sharing with us. In this season GOD is now revealing HIS KINGDOM in increasing depth.


I am thankful for this realm to become an OPEN DOOR through this much prayed for and wonderfully written book. 

~ Anne Collins

Angelic Files: Demystifying the Angelic Realm by Michael Aviel is one of the best books I’ve ever read on the supernatural.


Christianity is 100% supernatural and I believe it is time that we lay down our fears, skepticism, and despondency concerning the things of the Spirit so that we can step into our full inheritance and ministry as the sons of God in the Earth.


In Angelic Files, Michael escorts us to that end. This book is packed with such profound revelation on our “ministering spirits” and how they are assigned to us by the Father for the purpose of aiding us in life. As I read throughout Angelic Files, I am consistently impacted by the love of the Father, seeing how He has literally given us the backing of heaven (His angelic hosts) to assist us in not only our assignments, but in growing in various attributes or “facets” of His very nature.


One of my favourite quotes in this book is, “Responsibility without intimacy is slavery.” Wow! I believe this provides the proper balance that most people are looking for when the topic of angels arises. This shows us that angels can help us externally, as Michael puts it, but the intimate, face to face interactions are reserved for the One the angels work for; our beautiful Jesus Himself. For He is the One WE minister to.

~ Howard J. Grimes

Lovelight International Ministries

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