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The Call of the King

The cry of the King went throughout the worlds, the multiverses and the Heavens. It wasn't a shriek or a cry of despair, neither was it a cry of judgment; it was a Lover's call. He was calling out the name of His Beloved. The anguish of my King to dance with His lover was expressed through His voice.

Then I saw them, rows and rows of angels, standing in attention to the King's call. They had never heard this kind of cry before. The frequency and tenderness within His voice was different. His emotions and vehement love, violently expressed through his voice; the King was hurting; hurting to see His beloved respond to Him.

“Were not the crown of thorns enough for You our Lord?” The angels asked, their gaze stretching to where His cry was projected.

“What manner of creation makes our King feel like this?” They wondered.

I saw the angels begin to cry, filled with wonder and awe as the King cried. They came to minister to Him and to comfort Him. “How are you doing our King?” they asked.

"I am lonely within the heart of My beloved.” He responded. "She hasn't come inwards to find Me, but instead has sought Me outward. I made her heart My home, so that we can be home together forever. But how is it home if she doesn't come within? Is not Home where the heart is, and am I not in her heart, and is she not in Mine too?"

I looked and saw that nothing within the spiritual make up of the angels was formulated nor designed to feed and satisfy this part of the King's heart. Then I heard rows and rows of angels cry, "Whatever will make you smile we will do our King.”

Then I saw an unassuming person. I saw me, and I saw you. We were obliviously surrounded by the the Lovers call of the King. The angels came to minister, and this was the first time I have seen angels crying as they minister to us. They were crying as they nudged and placed impressions upon us to respond to the King's cry. Then I realized that the King was crying for His beloved to come away with Him. This was His cry,"Come away with Me my Love."

So here in the midst of all the chaos of this world, the religious noise, the rhetoric and works, I lay my head down at His feet, and once again I whisper, "Steal me away Jesus, Your feet my pillow, Your feet my treasure. Your feet are my pillow, oh Beautiful Jesus. Let me forever see Your face, beautiful Jesus, to live a life in response to a beauty that surpasses all else. To love on Him forever."

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