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Sucked into love, by LOVE, to tread the path of lovers. Gazing at the image of Love, whilst Love brands Himself in me, sealing any cracks, interweaving neural-pathways of divine bliss. Pathways within a road, and a road that leads to life. A road that IS life in its essence - all burst open into me like kaleidoscope of divine colours. Rainbows, spectrums of light, shining forth and dancing within me in response to the Smile of the the Lover.

How LOVE incarnate undoes me, How He has conquered me and in conquering me I overcome falsehoods and illusions.

Oh the Bliss when Love personified speaks. Oh the rush of ecstasy and the pleasures that are rapt up in His name. What is LOVE - but my Beloved. Hush child listen; JESUS is Him, the Lover of my soul.

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