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... Until we all shall be one entity in the faith and in the knowledge of The Son of God and one perfect man with the DIMENSIONS of the stature of the maturity of The Messiah ~ Ephesians 4:12

When God created the universe He didn’t create it at all on the same plane. God created the multi verses from different planes of His speaking. When I say planes, I mean dimensions.

The Word has many dimensions and each dimensional aspect of the word formed reality that correlates and has its form and identity from that dimension of the word. It was the 3 dimensional speaking of the WORD that created this world. The 4 Dimensional speaking of the word created other angelic beings and so on and on. JESUS spoke on every level of dimension possible, from the subatomic, quantum realms to the enormous 4, 5, 6 Dimensions and so on. This He did in order that He might fill all the universe. By universe I mean all existing realms and planes.

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