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O•V•R•I ~ R•I•S•E

A body grotesquely ripped, dishonoured in death, but yet to cover the shame of a naked God upon a post; a rich man’s burial in a tomb is meted for Him. In spices and fragrances he is adorned. Cocooned as a mummy, sealed and wrapped as death placed its final seal as the tomb’s stone was rolled. ‘Oh grave, you have never housed such a One before.’ This one is the SUN, and on the morning of the third day He rose. In astonishment and fear the guards confessed, “ The Sun literally rose in that tomb and the stone was cast away.” Who is this One who rose from the earth’s tomb? Who is this One who desires to RISE in your being and disperse the darkness within? The once naked God, clothes Himself within your being ...

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