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TONGUES AND ANGELS ~ excerpt from book ANGELIC FILES by Michael Aviel

Cheribum, angel ,whirling wheel

YHVH has given us the gift of tongues in order for us to release our thoughts at heavenly frequencies. Tongues are the sheathing of our physical tongues by the power of the Holy Spirit, to allow deeper and quicker forms of conveying the intent of a message. The core for speaking in tongues is not really the words, but the frequency of the intent, translated as another language. Tongues, rather than being a method, have to do with conveying meaning, complex ideas, and the true essence of a message. Tongues of angels are various languages of different species of angels that best express and illustrate different aspects of revelations, truths, and thoughts. They create an efficient, fast, and understandable way of interacting with the Kingdom of light and its holy beings. Just as every earthly family has specific gestures and ways of communication that are unique to them, so it is with angelic families. In every family of the angelic order, there are various tongues used to address and engage in that realm.

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