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Cleft In The Rock

He makes our hearts into “Peters." Adamant with zeal for him as rocks - and how His eyes wooingly peer through the clefts of the rock. Attracted by his attractive nature from His winsome gaze, we jovially skip towards the vision of God.

His eyes are God’s visions, they take away our man-made ambitions, till only He becomes our addiction. Gleeful divine eyes of fire, Your scrumptious invitation how can we ignore? Peering through the clefts of our hearts, drawing us into the split open rock within. It is You Jesus, our split open rock; it is You Who has made our hearts into “Peters." Your confidence has given us the right to strut as Kings towards you.

And there in the clefts of the rock - God’s glory is beheld. But never more glorious than when the wounds are bare, for no nursing have you required for your stripes. For upon the canvas of your back we see God’s signature, and the tales of untold heavenly mysteries.

In the cleft of the rock, deeper within my heart - it’s You I long to behold

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