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“To what I owe these feelings of bliss—these exciting, strangely familiar, yet ever brand new feelings? Ah! The giddiness that comes with the sound of Your voice!

"But You are the feeling. You are the euphoria flooding me. You are the superlative sensations that fills every cell of my being - Yeshua -You have filled my vision, and I will gladly give You all; for in You I have found all.”

The essences of His character is of such a transcendent nature that to consciously feel Him becomes a gateway of perception. We feel HIM to see All.

Emotions become intermingled with divinity and one begins to experience this tangible sense of another atmosphere that is wholly beautiful. It’s perceivable, yet invisible. The body feels it; the heart sees it and minds are dumbfounded by it. It feels like a conglomeration of all the “goodies” have surrounded you. It is exhilarating! Yet, there is this deep peace and assurance that everything is more than ok, though outwardly, nothing has changed, yet everything has somehow changed.

This is the overflow of HIS NATURE— MAviel

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