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The sustained heavenly tone beautifully rippled through the room’s atmosphere. It’s melodic sounds were an invisible carriage designed to carry me into Him. I was back in this familiar place, of withdrawing my attention and willfully abandoning my inward contemplation to Him.

The sense of an unseen carriage was the invitation my heart needed. There was a place my King wanted me to see. I leaned my attention deeper into Him, which was basically allowing the sense of His person to strip my heart naked, and let Him captivate my heart. The air became beautiful, as beauty personified infused Himself in the sound waves of the melody. And there I heard a faint whisper - THE WAY. With these words came a world unseen to the natural eye.

An unobtrusive path appeared before me. It was stretching for miles. My gaze scanned the horizon, and there, ahead of me, Jesus peeked over the path’s horizon. He was connecting the earth and the skies - as if to say, “I AM THE TRUE HORIZON, the convergence of heaven and earth - the transition of heaven into earth, and the ascension of earth into Heaven.”

The sight of His person is all together lovely. Even in the distance, staring at Him, it felt magical in every way. His character was of such an exquisite nature like always. Gazing at Him created these deep feelings within me that opened up a gateway of understanding - for He is Understanding. My emotions became intermingled with divinity and it felt as if all the conglomeration of all the “goodies” in life had surrounded me.

He smiled, and within His smile were all the words I needed to hear. He kept on smiling, childishly grinning and I heard the speaking of His smile. “Come, I want to show you something.”

In gleeful anticipation and excitement, I felt the magnet of His voice pull me towards Him. I was teleported into divinity. The aura of His presence was piercing. It was a perpetual vision of the Father personified in a 6 feet body. There I understood that He is easily so loveable because He is altogether lovely. His face was glowing, and the more I gave it my attention, it shone incomparably brighter than all the suns. He was making all other lights disappear as they all bowed in obeisance—this is the nature of His appearance. He makes all our aspirations zero in on Him. I knew I had arrived when I was in His embrace, and all my goals were complete in His gaze.

We stood on the summit of a mountain looking at the valleyed city in front of us. It was a city wholly framed by golden light. It was Him, exquisitely portrayed before me. Truth looked at me lovingly. His face was such an ocean of love emotions.

“As far as your eye can see, as far as your gaze can reach, it’s all yours. It’s my Kingdom, within - it’s manifestation is to be received into your eyes. Whatever your gaze looks at will become yours. As I am my Father's sight, let my Kingdom become your sight. See from the Kingly throne within you, see rightly only through the lens of our world.”

His speaking is like none other. He just doesn’t speak words, He speaks life. I was deeply and powerfully impacted by a new world of ecstatic love sickness - oh how beautiful is He! He churns my insides with His voice; brings my heart into motion. My inner chambers move in love for Him.

Melting into His speaking, I realized the city was my ceiling. It was suspended on my shoulders - and I was to make it my floor. What untold treasuries were contained herein? What mysteries were within the mansions of gold?

Jesus lovingly said to me again, “Refuse to answer to HASTE, and you will see and remain Holy espoused to my love. I didn’t call you here so that you can quickly skim through the city, but to explore it—explore the dimensions of My presence. Remain married to the “waiting life.” And remember My presence is the city. I AM it. Explore My depths.”

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