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“You have heard it being said, 'touch me Lord so I can touch others.' If you come to Me for others, you will eventually forfeit intimacy when you have received that which you want from Me, for others.”

“No wonder why I cherished the love of the Marys. For they came to me in an era and a period when women had no platform to voice their revelations and truths about Me. They came to me knowing the treasuries I would speak into their hearts would not create a celebrity status for them; they came to me with no other hidden agenda, fully aware that they had no voice in that world. They came to Me not for what I would make them into. They came to Me not seeking a sermon or a book or a song; although they left singing in love.

They came to Me for Me. They came to hear of Me and learn of Me for Me.”

~ Michael Aviel

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