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The shelves towered above my small heart, books of glory to read. And only a nail pierced hand could reach them. Oh salvation comes to short Zacchaeus in me!

For the infinite One grabs a book from the shelf — a tale of my destiny to read. His book on me; it reads itself — only a table it requires.

So my heart the table He makes it. And tender, full of heavenly overtures His voice speaks, “Remember the old rugged cross I was nailed on? There in your heart it stands on four — A table as unto a sea of glass mounted on wooden, unobtrusive legs;

For only the humble can dine here. Each leg a pillar of my glory...each leg decked with eyes...each leg bearing a face - LION, OX, EAGLE and MAN.

This is our trysting - My secret hide away for romance with you.

For the cross of my humiliation, a table for the humble heart have I made it.

A table sitting on the four living creatures. See the throne room table! See the lover's table. And your book for now! I gently place - it’s light, let it emanate in the heart. Each chapter, let it shine the light of My face in every hidden cavern of your heart. Let it read the tale of your life.”


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