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AWAKENED ~ Elizabeth Gomes

He awakened me with the kisses of His lips

With His arms out held…

He asks. “May we dance?”

My heart leapt to my eyes

And I whispered "I am lovesick for You ...

My beloved—I will dance the eternal dance of love with You.

I have never known such a love

He drew me close

My head upon His chest

I hear His heartbeat;

My knees gave way

As every heartbeat sang:

I love you! I love you! My bride, My Beloved!

He was waiting for me,

As He awaken me with the kisses of His lips.

His arms outstretched;

Palms red and burning,

To draw me into His eternal dance of love.

{I awoke one day to find Yeshua sitting by my bedside and He kissed me—awake}


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