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My Beloved Flame, Jealous Jealousy, You have drawn me deep within the depthless ecstasies of Your heart.

​You have come into the garden of Your delight,

the garden of my heart in union with the garden of Your heart ...

ANCHORED, I in You and You in with You.

O Living Fire, ignite the wooded places!

Let the ashes of I will be snatched away by “Your will” Wind.

Holy Wind! Blow like a hurricane and  let the violence of Your unstoppable, inescapable love  -

Fire consume me as You are .... the Consuming Fire. 

Weak though I am, You call me lovely!                       

Your furious tempest of love has gathered me

within its arms and will …  not .. let … me … go! 

I see Your heart; I hear it's rhythm … its sound has made me mad with ecstasy … I am beside myself as I see, and am drawn into You … no more words,

nor time, nor me, … as I am transported into

divine delights … swiftly in a moment - yet in stillness and quiet.  One unrivalled, in beauty and majesty; incomparable in kindness !

Ahhhh ... One, only One …You ...  Yeshua! One thing I have desired of YHVH and that I will seek after: that I may dwell, remain, abide, live, in the house of YHVH (O glorious Wonder! I am Your house … the secret place … Your garden, Your sanctuary!), all the days of my life … eternally  ... to behold, to gaze, upon Your beauty oh Yahweh and to inquire, meditate … hear Your heartbeat, within Your temple, (I am Your temple sweet, precious Holy Spirit). 

~ S. Elizabeth Gomes ~ January 20th 2016

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