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Sitting endlessly in You ...  there is no hurry in Love's gaze ... no hurry ...

Time cease to exist ... as our hearts beat as one ...

I in You and You in me.

​Tears of ecstasy flow unbidden ... as I sit and gaze, enraptured in a beauty too wondrous to express - in silent awe,

I gaze, reclining, eternally wrapped within Your heart.

​Oh my Heart, my Love, my King, my Yeshua! Such love is too exquisite!

​... unbearably sweet, gentle and powerful, furious, wild and strong, tender and  kind ...

You are my reality.

All else fades ... I am aware, yet unaware ... as my feet comes alive with the reality of another world.

My entire being pulsates with love's embrace.

​Here I sit in Eternity's heart.

~ S. Elizabeth Gomes

September, 2016

Seems like time stood still in an eternal repose within the secret chambers of my Beloved - Yeshua HaMashchiach - February, 2020


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