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In the dream — I met a traveller from an antique land. A land where purple overalls are worn, and whose dwellers carry the brightness of stories of old. He looked at me, then beckoned me to come towards him — his face wearing the countenance of men who have seen glories untold, stories of I AM.

He said to me, Ears closer. Lean in my friend. Listen to the voice in my whisper. Do you remember the great sage? The Prophet in whose image the tabernacle was patterned after? The one who wrote of the Messiah?”

“Yes, yes, of course!” I responded, “Moses! How can I forget.”

With eyes beaming with ancient tales, and lips quivering with a holy awe, my friend’ said, “Tablets, stones and a rock. Do you know why Moses was able to see God’s glory and live? Moses hid his being within the hands of the rock that followed them in the wilderness. How can it be you wonder? The tablets were carved from the same essence of the Rock that gave them water. The stone tablets where the hands of the rock. Two tablets with 5 commandments. Each commandment written by God’s finger. In what nature was each commandment written by God’s finger? In the immutable fact that each commandment was a carved out extension of God’s fingers. The commandments where His fingers. The tablets His hands. Do you want to understand? You can only understand when you begin to see everything through the supremacy of Jesus.”

He paused, as my eyes dilated with holy awe and understanding then continued, “The commandments on the hands of the rock are to show all of Adam that only the hands of the rock can fulfill the entire demands of the commandments. Only Christ your rock. Now hear this! The law nailed His hands. But, remember when Israel’s great sage came down Sinai with the tablets. He dropped the sacred stones that contained God’s fingers. Was that not a sign of crucifixion? The nailing of God upon a post?”

~Michael Aviel

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