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Often times our preconceived ideas, cultural upbringing and religious brainwash, creates before us an image of Jesus that is not Him. And Jesus, being the humble one, allow that egotistical part of us see Him as it wants.

For instance, the Rich young ruler called Jesus good teacher. Jesus looked at Him and said, “there is none good.” Yet Jesus is ultimate goodness.

Why did Jesus answer like this?

The rich young ruler only saw a good teacher in Jesus and nothing else. He didn’t see the divine part of Jesus. He didn’t see that more than goodness itself was standing in front of Him. And Jesus, answered the rich young ruler from the realm in-which the rich young ruler perceived Jesus.

The rich young ruler already had strong notions of Jesus, perpetuated from His consciousness. Jesus answered Him from how he saw Him. - He saw Jesus as a mere good human being and nothing else. Yet a greater than all of humanity was standing before Him. Same with Herod. God stood before Herod and Herod saw nothing but a dumb broken man.

So often we have made God seem unattainable and always angry, and therefore that realm in-which we perceive Him from becomes the source of all our revelations of God. So we end up missing Him truly and creating an image of Him that doesn’t exist. And yet God, in his humility will let this egotistical part in us, that thinks it knows God to continue to feed us.

To think we have all the truth of Him is to tread in lies. The journey of knowing Him, is the journey of unknowing, and being awed in love valiant and brighter than a billion suns. God is ultimate LOVE. Crazy wild LOVE, it boggles the brain.

I will quote John Of The Cross God cannot be known, God can only be loved and that loving of Him becomes in itself a knowing. Hence unknowing and humility becomes our two anchors into truly seeing Him rightly. Only those who have let their ego bow down in humility before Him can truly see Him. God is seen in humility of the heart, not with a heart that has preconceived ideologies of who Jesus is.

~ Michael Aviel 2021

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