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I saw an ancient one whose flesh looked like it was made of galaxies and from within it I heard sounds of heaven, whether angels, creatures from heaven, or people, I was unable to distinguish.

Then there was a cloud. The sounds I heard was as if I were standing in a wide open space and that space was filled with different words, reverberating through the atmosphere from wherever the worship originated. This seemed to be activated and opened by the stepping into this place of worship then I saw what I thought was an “Angel." But Mike K. reminded me that maybe it was not an "angel" but another heavenly being.

It was actually my first inclination to call it an ancient one. It was connected to the beginning of this particular family lineage - somehow it had been assigned before the beginning of time. I turned and saw it immediately when our sister began to pray. A large statured being who carried within it a realm of access, a place to dwell, an ancient path. I felt like we were honoured to be given sacred access to the sounds, sights, and communities of heaven.

It felt like an invitation to dwell within the atmosphere of truth, holiness, and a visible, tangible, and deeper realm of connection with the depths of Yahweh. There were places where others were echoing the cry of all creation, where you can’t help but hear the rocks and trees cry out. We were literally standing in the sound of the colliding echoes of creation.

I understood that engaging in this heavenly atmosphere tunes us into the maturity of walking out as laid down lovers of Jesus. The access has always been there, now we are to receive. The phrase came to me again from the other night, “It is Finished, so Begin.” These words embodied what it means to be a living fountain because from within, heaven itself was poured out, like billows of smoke yet it wasn’t smoke, it was presence — atmospheric material of creation. It was as if this ancient one was radiating raw creation itself.

I was asked not to explain what it was until it left, and as it did I saw the “train” of its robe, and it was galaxies, stars, clouds and creation. I was also able to see on the inside of its robe.

The atmosphere followed and the residue remained.

~ By Firebrand


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