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All the debates about doctrines and endless talks will all whittle down to nothing in the face of ONE THING - THE RAPTURE OF BEING LOST IN HIS EYES; as His breath gather you into His heart - deep into that secret place - the place of unbroken communion and sustained habitation.

That gaze of His; that look in His eyes will drain all else yet, restore and set you in perfect alignment, as it should be; becoming one with the ONE - 1 1 1 perfecting alignment. Oh my! I truly do not know how else to say it! But you will know when you are caught into that "cloud of unknowing;" in the glorious presence of the ONE!

Yes! It is the narrow gate - where we bow low to ascend IN CHRIST JESUS. Can you see it? All else slips away because He fills everything. From this place His government flows. It is active inactivity. It is stillness in the seat of rest; kingship and priesthood concurrently; Abba!

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