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What is to pray? But simply the pleasurable ascension of your being into the substance of God. Why is this important? Simply because through the enjoyment of His presence all things for us ought to flow.

What you embody inside of you, is what eventually becomes your reality. Heaven has attributes and virtues that blossoms the soul to light. And these attributes are not the ones that define Heaven, but rather these divine attributes are defined by Heaven. Heaven himself is the meaning and the knowledge of all things. And Heaven, rather than a place, is the personification of the Godhead in Jesus. Hence Jesus is Heaven.

So the Ascension of Heaven becomes a reality when we let the conscious dwelling of Heaven himself ooze through the alabaster jar of the heart. How? By breaking my love seal open at His feet. This allows the aroma of my love to cascade on Him, and rise up in my soul, wholly mixed with the fragrance of Jesus.

The fragrance of life was meant to float into the nostrils of God. Because God is Life, and all Life if from Him to Him. The floating of my love and His life back into His nostrils, which are positioned on His head - JESUS THE HEAD - creates an elevator of ascension. Or secret staircase. This is the means by which a soul ascends into God through loving Him.

~ Michael Aviel

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