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This morning I was asking the Lord what I am to do; how do I please Him. This is not an unusual question for most I am sure, but there are times when I feel that I am just not hitting the mark and I need some direction and assurance from Him.

In the last little while, I have been making it my Sunday morning practice to make my breakfast and I would ask Father, Son and Holy Spirit to join me - I have four chairs at my table. I would also let Father know that He is welcomed to in invite whoever He would like to join us. This morning when I asked Him the questions of what I am to do and how I am to please Him, He told me to go and make breakfast and let us have breakfast together, so I did.

As I am making breakfast, I am mulling over something that has been on my mind. I have been listening to Dan Duval's teaching on In Christ and Identity in Christ. He said something that has stuck with me, because it finally gave language to something that I knew, and this statement brought it home for me. He said that a spirit can be a person and also a realm. We have heard Michael Aviel's teaching that Jesus is the realm of Heaven. (Jesus is Heaven). So, since we are also spirit beings, this means that we are also a realm and that is how we can be in Christ and this is how a such a massive, beyond understanding God could dwell in us! We are spirit, therefore we are also a realm and because we are in Christ and Christ is in us, the realm of who we are and the realm of heaven are always intermingled. This is how we can live in earth and dwell in heavenly "places" in Christ Jesus!

I am having my eggs and watching (inwardly) and actively listening to see what Father is saying and He is speaking to me about worship. As I am listening, I see the sound of worship and how worship engages Father. Because we are in Christ, we are one with Him (He who is joined unto the Lord is one spirit- 1Corinthians 6:17), when we worship. The sound of our worship intermingles with the realm of heaven, (Jesus is heaven), and because He encompasses everything visible and invisible, our worship travels into areas we are not even aware of.

I have a friend who is an amazing intercessor and there are times that I have asked her to pray me through some tough times and she has told me that that there are times when she does not know how to pray or what to pray and so she would go before the Lord and just worship over me and I would call her and tell her how amazing the day went or how things have changed and she would tell me that she did not pray for me, she would just send worship over me. This is why Jesus said that God is seeking those who worship Him in spirit and in truth - the truth makes people free.

If you have been exposed to the amazing miracles that happens in a worship service, then you can begin to imagine how our worship is changing realms. There is a reason that when Jehoshaphat faced one of the greatest battles, his battle plan was to get the singers and send them out before the army and the worshippers when out singing, “Praise the Lord for His mercy endures forever”. We often hear that there is power in our worship, well I am certainly starting to understand better why that is so.

~ Donnette Thompson - May 2019


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