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To walk in the depths of childlike humility would require walking in the depths of the fellowship of His suffering.  

For the servant is not greater than his master.  Are we willing to say yes to walk in the sacredness of friendship with our Lord? It is not a path that is broad. It's a very narrow path, extremely narrow - that's why there are few who finds it.  

Our Father is no respect of persons. He looks at the heart - its motives and intents. It's the Angelo*

of this world who moves His heart.  The heart of absolute selflessness and obedience. It's the hearts that are truly willing to lay their lives down for another. This entire world eats from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and they have made the rules about how we should love; who should get the notoriety etc.  The wisdom of this world is devilish and sensual, James 3:15  

How can we feed off of the wisdom of this world when they feast from another tree.  We are in this world but we are not of it. Therefore, we should not eat of it.  

I was thinking that if we truly begin to walk in the realms of "preferring one another" what would it look like ?  It would truly 'unself' the reptilian "I wills" inside of us.  

Do you know that our Father's thoughts  for us are always good? He was, is and is ever framing us within the vibrational sound of the living Word which pulsates with the power of His love and kindness. What house are you framing for me as you hold me in your heart? 

Rest is not necessarily the absence of external activity. It's a posture of the heart. It's a singular, focused alignment with the heartbeat of YHVH. When we have become entwined within the cords, chords, veins, waterways, roots and the dimensions of His heart, we are entering into 'unselfing' and into the realms and realities of His rest.   We have entered into the seaming flow of union of  His sound - His voice - within the ONE Who is THE WAY - THE PATH...   

S. ElizabethGomes

2nd May, 2017

*From Final Quest by Rick Joyner

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