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If we can truly see who we are in Him we shall realize that we are in a divine dance of Love’s triunity and rivers of gratitude and joy shall overflow our hearts, and eyes — that He would humble Himself so completely that we may be one!

We are one INSIDE I AM; a place of speechless honour drawing us into awe and wonder, raptured in the realization that Love... is ... HIM!

His love is not contingent upon our idiosyncrasies. He loves because He is love. That’s the core and substance of who He is. This love is not just meek and lowly for within that meekness is a burning fire! He is the consuming fire that is stronger than death so death has no power over LOVE.

Love's Ruach vibrates in and over the waters of our bodies snatching us up into co-ascension in the whirlwind of His Word, living letters dancing as one ...

Triunity gave Himself and now we know we know... the Word of YHWH has rendered me silent... a sound of stillness ......raptured in the ecstasies of LOVE'S desire.

~ S. Elizabeth Gomes

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