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What a dreadful travesty and painful to lose hunger and desire for Him!

And when we have consistently ignored and shrugged aside His gentle tugs, drawings and wooings; when we have become blow hot/blow cold; when we enjoy drinking from broken cisterns rather than drinking from the Waters of life Himself; when we have anaesthetized His voice And glorified the voices of this world’s wisdom—Oh my Lord!

When the taste of those who sing of Him has lost its savour; when the longings of our soul desires is “satisfied” or fed by the sound of the basest of songs - trapped in its downward vortex; when those words speak more truth to us than the Truth Himself—It is indeed the saddest of travesties...

Just one drop; just one glance; just one touch; just one taste - is enough to rock our world ...

So why not plunge deep into His depths?

Why not eat the whole Lamb?

Why not be immersed?

Lovingly turn into the tug, the pull, the memory, the touch—

Embrace its sacredness ...

Its infinite value beyond compare...

Turn, turn, turn and turn again and again and again..

Allow the whirlwinds of His faces, His whisper, His many waters, His touches -

To encompass you within and without ...

~ Elizabeth Gomes

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