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UNION - Michael Aviel

Here is the redemption of the human body, in that JESUS CHRIST became flesh. ‘Holiness’ Himself mixed His substance with dust, elevating earth's dirt into the Divinity of the Trinity. God’s Gold wrapped Himself in our skins, took on our nature, a wordless act of love ... a deep craving of union with us; an accurate act of redemption.

The Sound that makes existence ‘exist’ became Flesh, causing angelic Hosts to look in attentive wonder, a wonder that caused Adam’s cells to dance in redemptive awe.

The immaculate conception stands through the Histories of humanity as God’s burning desire for union.

This union makes the soul understand that He is me and I am Him. We are quantumly entangled, united deep down, on every molecular level.

Our likeness to Jesus is not through us bearing His image with Him as an outside “source mirror,” but rather, in the immutable fact that us and Him are one.

One! United as One indivisible individual. He lives in us as us, and we live in the Godhead as Him. A oneness wholly consummated and married to His person on every molecular level. His method of sculpting us into into His image is only through us becoming ONE with Him.” -

~ Michael Aviel


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