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Our bodies are approximately 70% water. The waters of our bodies bear all the record of our life, from traumas to shocks etc.

In Genesis, the spirit of God was hovering over the waters of the earth, imprinting His image and heavenly frequencies upon the earth. The Holy Spirit was registering within the memories of the waters of the earth, the experiential knowledge and the intense frequencies of the energies of the manifestation of the creative Light Yeshua.

Thus the earth was to have a memory and a record that testified of its divine exposure to the vibrations of He who dwells in unapproachable light. This testimony was to be an experiential testimony, for only then, would the physical elements of the earth become familiar with the frequencies of the energy of Jesus.

When the waters of the earth had registered within their memories, the potency of the energies of the manifestation of Yeshua as the Light, YHVH spoke His Son into the earth and its cosmos, manifested as creative Light.

The earth saw fully into the Kingdom of our beautiful Jesus, because the Light of Heaven had unveiled himself to creation. So it is with us, stillness in the presence of God is fundamental in changing the records of the waters of our bodies. The presence of Yeshua will brood over you, registering and making your body become used to the frequency of the energy of the manifestation of the spiritual realm - visions, angelic encounters, trances etc.

This makes it easier for your spirit to overshadow your body, and your soul will be quickly raptured and triggered into his bliss, as the body now bears record of the frequency of a higher Kingdom.

~Michael Aviel 2021


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