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Words originated with


Words of the heart

Words that are really infinite sounds, frequencies, rhapsodies, symphonies, harmonics,

a substance that is quite like electricity -


Yet able to be as minuscule as a mustard seed

Yeah - the YOD -

Like the pores upon our skin, like the cells within and without


The internal narrative that has expression

In locally and non-locally albeit varying realities.

ABBA’s “let there be” can be seen everywhere. His voice is ….. everywhere

The WORD made flesh and dwelt among us and IN us

Hmmm. I wonder at w-o-r-d-s...

Words, Words, Words

Seared upon the heart,

Painted upon the canvas of the imagination

Embedded within the subconscious

Ebbing and flowing in the unconscious

Taking flight in the conscious OR

Vice versa …

Words that have engendered life and death

“I have a dream” still reaching into our todays like an anthem of freedom.

Words upon the printed page and nailed unto public spaces spreading the news of justification by faith

But also scandaled the Jews into the gas chambers

She said, “no” to be seated at the back, because her internal narrative was already established, settled, identified...

“No's” immeasurable weight hammered home that resolve, and


pushed "yeses" of freedom!

Words - the mystery of words


Found in your breath

Inextricably wrapped in your voice

Your sound

YOU are a word OR words

A nibble, bit, a byte, a megabyte, a gigabyte, a terabyte ... eternally soared and soaring into and around


Yet, in the stillness.

With a fragrance ,

In a dance

The mystery of words ... hmm..

If I could get quiet but for a moment,

I can harness my inner narrative,

Elusive though it may be

But able to be bridled by my stillness

Whether traumatic, beautiful, disturbing, joyful, peaceful —

Words of TRUTH, an exposé;

A manifesto of ONENESS

The wonder of the Word of words… oh that I am entrusted with the sound WHO is resident in me


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