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Lucifer the ‘Light Bearer’ - master illusionist who uses TIME to create ripples of fake ‘reality’. Trapping us in loops of illusions, hence our reality is distorted and governed by and from the past, present and future.

Our past bearing marks of fear and pain, the presence- lived in constant worry about the future. And the future -made into an unattainable future due to the constant projecting of Heavens reality to a someday and one day.

Jesus is outside of time, the reality of the Finished works translates one to “IN THE BEGINNING” - a realm where the reality of the finished works are experienced. GOD never leaves anything to chance. Here one is cocooned in the conscious tangible reality of the ONE WHO WAS, AND IS, AND IS TO COME. The alpha and omega. Outside of Time, to understand the God of eternity. Only outside of Time can we truly know Him - the one in whom eternity dwells - JESUS THE GREATEST

~ Michael Avie

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