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Earthly scenarios, painting Heavenly stories. Weddings and dresses, a joyful union of love.

The Groom smiles in giddiness, heart inflamed with love. The Bride’s smile expresses the sunshine of love within her heart. Her heart is full of love.

It’s not the occasion that brings such a beautiful crashing of lovesickness in her heart - it is the inward blinding of seeing her Groom. Finally He is here- as her trysting place.

She marries, not for an emblem or an applause, or for future and past exploits for Him. She marries because she is in love; a love that will cause her to do no exploit apart from Him. All her exploits are wholly infused in Him and with Him.

They do all things together! And hers is the song, “ once, when my heart was young, and my vision of you narrow, I did things for you - Not knowing that, only that which is done with you is what matters. So I will move with you. I will find my movement in you and with you.”

He proposed, through the silent, - but heart throbbing voice of His cross. “ In my death I will marry you. In the newness of my life I will kiss you. So our love stands - no death to do us apart - but forever bound by this love of which is my life.”

~ Michael Aviel


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