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Future dreams, standing tall within my heart, callously bringing me to the art of wanting to KNOW my tomorrow.

Then ... the King, whose garment is fragrant, whose gaze exude infinite tenderness (whose look is soft),

took the lowly sit with me. He shuffled my heart and tenderly melted my curiosity away.

I saw in Him — the embodiment of all my dreams and goals!

He was here, my blinding dream, so how could I ever dream when all reality is embodied in Him -

He was here, the bulls-eye of every goal - how can I ever set any other goal?

Then I knew; the need to know my tomorrow was unnecessary, for the One whose name is also, “The Knowing Of All Tomorrows” was here.

And because He is good, I know my tomorrow is good. So I will rest in this precious Jesus, “You are my “wisdom” now and forever.

You are my tomorrow’s Word of Knowledge, and You are my tomorrow’s prophecy. “

~Michael Aviel

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